About Summit Waste

About Summit Waste

Waste Removal Companies

Of many waste removal companies, Summit Waste System is one that provides the most comprehensive range of waste removal services for construction, commercial, and residential clients. Our company, equipment, and employees are fully insured* and we are certified by the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Department of Environmental Protection.

Affordable Dumpster Rental

Our standard practices are safe, environmentally sound, and designed for competitive rates. We do not take short cuts in our waste collection and trash disposal practices. We are motivated to keep our environment clean and promote smart recycling habits. Cheap dumpster rental may come with cheap service, but Summit Waste System rentals are affordable with good quality service.

Recycling Equipment

Our equipment is impeccably maintained. Our roll-off system helps ensure proper and safe placement of all containers, dumpsters, compactors, or balers – respecting your property, lawn, or job site.

We are committed to using the most advanced programs that ensure all waste is being recycled and/or disposed in ways that help preserve and protect our environment.

What Waste Disposal Companies Do

About Summit Waste

We serve as excellent partners for building contractors and construction companies that need site clean- up, waste storage, removal, or recycling.

We provide dependable service for commercial clients that require dumpster, baler, or compactor rental and waste pick-up.

Homeowners can take advantage of our container and hauling services for yard brush, tree limbs and junk, as well as major house cleaning and remodeling projects.

We service specialty waste removal jobs that might require hazardous materials or just extra caution.


We are committed to serving you with the best of our ability. Please contact us today.

*Certificate of insurance is available upon request.